YZF Update

So I have been looking at the YZF a bit this weekend and summing up its faults to see what needs doing.

On Friday the list of faults were:

  • Misaligned Exup valve making the bike run rough
  • Uses oil but to what degree I don’t know yet
  • Fuel tank leaks from the fuel pump seal
  • Right hand fork seal leaks
  • Bottom fairing one of the mounting tabs has snapped off
  • The bottom fairing has a large purple graphic on it
  • No clamp on the exhaust so it wobbles (a lot)
  • Did I mention the purple graphics?


Of these faults we all know what the worst is don’t we……… yes the purple graphics! At least it doesn’t have the purple wheels it originally had I assume in a moment of clarity a previous owner had them painted black. What was it with Yamaha in the early 90’s? Anyway, this weekend I re-aligned the Exup valve, this sounds much more impressive than the 36 seconds it took to do, but at least it should make the bike run better. I had a look at the fuel leak as I thought this may be relatively important,  when I rang the Yamaha Dealer to ask about the price of the seal the parts chap said that a YZF had burst into flames last week outside the shop due to the failure of this seal!


I thought long and hard about getting a new seal, at £30-ish, but knowing my luck the problem would be with the seat the seal sits on as it was a little corroded. Therefore, I decided to try to use a product to seal the seal (if you see what I mean). I wandered off to the local car accessory shop and asked the numpty behind the counter if he could recommend a product for sealing fuel tank sender units. I find that relating a bike problem into car speak helps a lot, if you say it is for a bike related part straight away some assistants seem to panic and just revert to the “Try the bike shop mate” answer.

Anyway, this numpty wanders over to the epoxy glues and starts pulling them from the display and reading the backs of the packaging. I told him I wanted a sealant not a glue, so he puts down the glue and picks up the petrol tank repair epoxy…… (3 out of 10 must try harder) well at least it mentioned petrol tanks on the packet but a bit too permanent for me. Anyway the competent bloke who works at this particular establishment noticed the wide eyed panicked look of assistant number 1 and came over and took charge.

I was happy about this for two reasons, one I know this chap quite well and he usually gives me discount! And two he knows what he was talking about, and he is a fellow biker with a ZX-9R in green of course. We had a look at the Hylomar and the silicone sealants further up the aisle. Asssitant number two then says steer clear of the silicone ones as they are not 100% petrol proof. We eventually settled on Red Hylomar which stated that it was petrol resistant (Hopefully permanently) and I did get my discount (result one).

I used the Hylomar on the seal, it is very sticky, and after a test of 24 hours seems to have sealed, I will be monitoring this one for a while before I am 100% satisfied, as the bike won’t be run for a while due to the fork this will be a good test.

I have made some more investigations into the front forks and a company called Philpotts has been mentioned. For a price of £135 for one or £225 for two they will pick up, re-chrome and deliver the stantion(s) dealing with the problematic brake carrier/knuckle. They seem to get good reviews so they may be the one who gets to do the deed.

With regard to the wobbly exhaust I have been looking on the net for an exhaust clamp and it seems that Ebay may well be the cheapest option (not always the case, a few years ago I sold an unused Centre Stand kit on Ebay for around £100 when it only cost £50 brand new form Suzuki!!!!). However rather than search for Motorcycle Exhaust Clamps I searched for Micalor (Excuse the spelling) clamps, in the motorcycle world they seem to be around £6.99 but some chap was selling them for cars for £2.50 posted (result two). I just need to measure the exact size I need, I think it’ll be 60mm and then I’ll order one and that is another job crossed off the list (hurrah!).

I’ve been thinking about the fairing tab that has gone missing. My idea at the moment is to have a 1 inch strip of aluminium about 5 inches long which I’ll bond to the back of the fairing with about ½ inch poking out the bottom which I’ll drill and put the captive nut on. Once all the fairings are no nobody will notice and the bottom fairing will be a little more secure but will still have bloody purple graphics on it!!!!

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