Yamaha YZF750R

The YZF is my latest bike and is hopefully going to be my road/track bike, I am hoping it’ll have the handling of the TRX with a bit more poke. No more being stuck behind Hornet 600’s on the striaght for me……. hopefully. So far it looks to be alright, it burns oil (how much I’m yet to find out) like all YZF’s, it has purple on its fairing (lets see how long that lasts, at least it hasn’t got the original purple wheels), a leaking fork seal and a crack in it’s headlight cowl. Still not sure if this bike is a keeper, but it is growing on me. I like the idea that if I get used to the power and get a bit bored with it a Thunderace engine slots striaght in….sort of!

I have been asking around about getting the forks sorted but I think it needs a new stantion and this is one problem straight away, if I get a new stantion or refurb the old one I need to remove the knuckle at the bottom. It seems these knukles are a little bit of a pig to remove as they are screwed and glued on! Heat is needed to deal with the glue but the thread could be damaged very easily. So what to do, ABE will supply a new stantion and remove and replace the knukle for £100 per side or £200 a pair (plus postage), while I can get the stantions re-chromed for £80 for one or £135 a pair….. I might look into finding someone who can remove the knuckles for £20….. wish me luck.

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