Triumph Speed Four – Previous Owner was a Muppet

I have been working on the Speed Four getting it ready for the track……… if that is going to happen (watch this space) and I have found several issues that needed addressing. To be honest I haven’t seen such a long list of dodgy stuff on a visually OK bike before. The list is as follows:
• Tyres well under inflated when I picked the bike up – I must remember to start taking a tyre pressure gauge with me when I pick up bikes.

• Front Axle Clamp Bolts only finger tight – Only there to stop the axle moving, which is unlikely but they are there for a reason

• One brake caliper bolt was not like the others (Triumph brake bolts are quite nice) it was a different type of bolt that was too long, so to get over that someone had put an extra nut on it so that the nut used up some of the extra thread

• Steering head bearings loose – These were only finger tight, no wonder the front end clunked under braking.

• Over 7 litres of oil in the sump – this bike should have a maximum of 4 litres of oil in the sump, not sure why there was 7 litres. You should of seen my face when the usual oil catch tray I use started to get full (It takes 5 litres) The best guess why the last Muppet who owned the bike put 7 litres in it was because he checked it on the side stand!!! (It should be done with the bike upright)

• Very little oil in the fork legs but they are not leaking – Now topped up with the correct amount and still not leaking

• Chain absolutely knackered – The chain was very baggy and was on its last legs, now replaced

• Rear Axle Chain adjusters put on 90 degrees out, both sides – This mean that the axle could move around a little, it was only held in place by the friction of the axle nut

• From sprocket nut only finger tight – Even though the tab washer had been bent over the nut was only finger tight, it should in fact be bloody tight!

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