To dent repair, or not to dent repair, that is the question!

After the debarcle that was purchasing a replacment tank from ebay (Don’t ask, needless to say some people description of a very good dentless tank actually means it’s got two (dent one, dent two) whacking great dents in it).

I have spoken to a few repair companies and the consensus is that fill and paint is the answer. As I was going to paint the tank, and the rest of the bike anyway this seems the best way to go.

Found this video, in several stages, which shows a guy doing exactly what I’m wanting to do to exactly the tank I want to do it to, so will be giving this a go and see how I get on. Will photo/video as normal and post up.


  1. Dent removal and filling
  2. Tank Prep for painting
  3. Masking and primer
  4. Final Prep
  5. Painting/Clearcoat
  6. Polishing time

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