The New Big Plan

So while working in the garage I had this big idea, I mean this one was huge. I had been looking round for the next bike to be introduced into the garage and I realised that I had all the relevant biking styles (that I am interested in ) covered. In the tourer corner is the Hayabusa (and for high speed hi-jinks) in the naked corner is the Bandit (and for high speed hi-jinks) and in the track day corner is the Aprilia RSV. While some other bikes would do each of these roles it would really mean getting rid of a current bike in the garage and to be honest I was pretty much happy with all of them (at the moment, this may all change at the drop of a hat……. if I had a hat of course)

So where to go. Now a non-biker would say don’t buy any more bikes (my friends tell me this all the time) but I say this is the talk of madness and I shall not listen as I stick my fingers in my ears and shout nanananananananaaaa. Then as I said I had this idea. Since Bladebert had crashed at Cadwell on his Fireblade his confidence had taken a little knock and was struggling to get back to form. He was talking about Track daying again but wasn’t sure if it would be on his new Blade or on a XJ600F that he had accidently won on Ebay (so, so easy to do……) He was talking about starting in the Novice group again and seeing what happened. So back to my idea I thought what I need is a couple of similar bikes that would be un-threatening on the track so that we could both go into the Novice group with and have a jolly good time racing each other. I know that we shouldn’t be going for the Novice group like this and I know we shouldn’t be racing each other but who cares it sounds like fun. Anyway which bikes to go for……… After a very quick look around it seems that the Suzuki SV650 is the only way to go. I thought about Honda CB500’s but they are getting a little long in the tooth now and aren’t that quick and a little basic. Thats not saying that a well ridden one can make me look stupid (they have done so in the past) but that’s a little engine moving my vast bulk around and the lack of power and torque will show up the weight difference between Bladebert and I more. I also thought about some older 600’s but they tend to hold their money or have been stored in a swamp (or sometimes both!)
The SV’s are raced so there is info around about making them better and faster if need and they are meant to be sweet little handlers. I started looking for a couple of 2003 onwards SV’s. I picked 2003 onwards bikes as they are the fuel injection bikes and to be honest I can’t be bothered with the hassle of carbs!!! (sad but true) So after some false start and dead ends I saw a blue SV650S 2004 in Preston for a really keen price. Of course I offered lower and the bloke accepted!!! After a bit of problem organising the courier to pick up the bike (unfortunately I was going to have to buy it unseen (I really don’t suggest this but it was so cheap I couldn’t lose money on it!!) Unfortunately the courier had an accident in his van on the way back and the bike fell over in the back doing a little damage basically the screen, mirror and footpeg came off worst. The courier who it seems was not insured (the van was but not the bike separately) said that I could waive his fee so the bike was even cheaper but had a little damage (I always factor in the courier costs in the bike price, in my head it is the price of the bike on my drive in front of me) two days later I spotted another blue SV on Ebay. This one was quite local and the un-faired naked version. I nipped off work early to have a look at it and put an offer on it. The offer was accepted (though he had loads of calls afterwards from other prospective buyers) and for £20 he delivered it in his van!
So from inception (Two SV’s in the Garage) to completion within two weeks not bad going and I could sell both straight away for more than I bought them for, result. Ten minutes after Bladebert had popped round to see the new naked SV we had struck a deal some cash and the XJ600F in his garage for he naked bike, so technically I owned the naked SV for about half a day!!

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