Suzuki SV650S K5

So I was looking through Facebook and on one of the Groups I am subscribed to I see a K5 SV650 for sale at a very cheap price. No photos and it says the forks are leaking, the head bearings are shot and the rear tyre is knackered. I get in touch and sort out a deal for a cracking price for the bike in the condition that he described.

As part of the deal he delivered it and when it turned up (he rode it here) I was pleasantly surprised to see that the forks were in fact fine. Here is a list of the points that need looking at or is a problem and my solution:

  • Rear tyre knackered: Yep it is virtually bald in the centre, also it only had 15psi in it, this must of been a horrible ride to deliver the bike – New tyre now fitted
    Head bearings knackered: These seem fine but there is a knock from the front end when going over bumps, might just need some adjustment – Bearings now adjusted and move smoothly with no clonks
  • Front Tyre flat: The front tyre had 22psi in it, I had a quick spin around the block with it in this condition and it was a truly horrible experience, I pumped it up to the proper 33psi and it improved things no end – New front tyre fitted
  • Fork dust seals blown: These seals aren’t critical they merely keep crap off the fork seals but they have blown and look horrible, I think this is why the previous owner thought the fork seals are buggered – New fork dust seals fitted
  • Mirrors: The rear view mirrors have been painted green, badly – These need changing and soon!! – New black mirrors fitted
  • Bolts: Various green painted bolts – These need changing too!!! – Bolts have now been de-greened
  • Clean: The bike is very dirty – It needs cleaning – It has been cleaned
  • Lights: Indicators held together with vinyl tape – Probably just replace them – New LED indicators fitted, as there was already a LED compatible indicator relay there was no problem with flash rate
  • Brakes: Front brake master cylinder reservoir held on with vinyl tape – Need to wind off all that tape to see why this is and if I can fix it or need to replace it – This needs replacing as the mounting point has snapped off – New master cylinder reservoir fitted, front brakes cleaned and new pads fitted as the pads were very warn
  • Engine: Knocking noise from engine under load – I am hoping that this is one of the cam chain tensioners that needs looking at, more investigation is needed – Engine knocking is fine, they all do it it seems to a certain degree it is just that this one is a little noiser than most.
  • Chain: Chain is looking a little rough – I think a clean and a lube will help the chain a lot – Chain now lubed
  • Lights: Number plate light is missing – Replace with OE or graft on an aftermarket number plate light – Original numberplate light fitted onto the tail tidy that is fitted on the bike
  • Stickers: Nasty green Monster sticker and gold Transformers sticker – Remove these abominations – Removed
  • Bobbins: Front brake discs bobbins a bit rusty – Clean up the bobbins – Brake disks blasted and repainted
  • Brackets: Various brackets look shabby – Clean and paint them
  • Bearings: Condition of chassis bearings unknown – I’ll check the bearings and replace where necessary – All the bearings that I have checked seem ok
  • Controls: Gear change missing its rubber and the tip is a bolt – Replace the gear change – Gear change has been replaced

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