Suzuki SV650S K1

So we are back with the great Trackday Bike debate. I am still regretting selling my ZX6 A1P….. and I have given up on the Aprilia RSV that I brought to replace it has fallen by the wayside so I need a new Trackday bike. I have been talking to R1-Burt and I think that my wants at the track have changed. Before I wanted to keep beating my laptimes and that was my sole goal, but I think my focus has changed and now I just want to have a good time.

R1-Burt has a very nice SV650N “Pointy” that he is going to be taking to the track so I thought that could match him and get myself a SV650 too. Just out of interest I put an ad out on Facebook my RSV to swap for any bike (I thought I would see what might turn up) From this a chap got in touch and offered a SV650S. We went to see it and it looked in very good nick so I thought I would go for it. The bike was a Mk1 SV650S (“Curvy”, called this as the Mk1 had a curvy frame and the Mk2 had a more “pointy” frame hence the name) in Electric Blue.

The basic differences between a “Curvy” to the “Pointy” are:

Curvy v Pointy

70Bhp v 72Bhp
Carburetors v Fuel Injection
Curvy Bodywork v More pointy bodywork
Analogue gauges v Analogue revcounter and digital speedo
Bulb rear light v LED rear light

So there isn’t a lot in it, however getting reliable facts is a little difficult, as there seems to be lots of contradictory info out there.

Looking over the bike it all seems to be good nick, a few to many stickers for my taste (now removed) with very wooden front brakes and a leaking left fork seal and some very plastic looking Sports Touring tyres. I have taken steps to sort out some of these issues:

Tired Tyres

I have replaced the Bridgestone BT021 Sport Touring tyres with Bridgestone BT016 Pro tyres, I generally like Bridgestone tyres and have had good experience with these BT016’s

Non Braking Brakes

The brake pads were very glazed and the pistons looked like they had been stored at the bottom of the sea. R1-Burt rebuilt the brakes with some better pistons that we had kicking round the garage and I got some Stintered pads

Leaking Fork Seal

I thought I could fix this quite quickly as I had a Fork Seal for the SV kicking around the garage (it’s amazing what’s in my Garage) but even after putting in this new fork seal it still leaked, to be honest I think it leaked even more. So I bit the bullet and bought a new stanchion (the original had quite a big nick out of it, but above the seal area) and a new bush kit. After a bit of a hicup with getting the right fork seal (it seems that Mk1 SV650’s have two different types of front Suspension KYB and Showa and they have different size seals they are both 41mm internal diameter and 53mm external but one is 10.5mm thick (Showa) and the other is 8mm thick (KYB) and unfortunately I got the wrong size, bugger) While I had the forks apart (for third time) I decided to drop in some Gold Valves that I had kicking around the garage (Gold Valves are put in Damper Rod forks to make pseudo cartridge forks)

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