Seven Bikes – How does that happen?

So there is currently 6 bikes in the garage and it seems like it is very likely that one more is going to be joining them, so how does someone end up with seven bikes? So here is a list of the bikes in the garage and about to enter the garage.

Suzuki GSX1300R Haybusa – This is my go to bike, it can do everything that I want. It can hustle, cruise, tour and nip to the shops. This is the bike I first got my Knee down on. I can’t see me changing this bike for sometime, in fact I am looking at doing some tasteful upgrades. I am thinking about improving the front brakes, I just really don’t lie the feel. They stop the bike well enough I just really, really don’t like the feel. I was thinking of a Radial Master Cylinder and maybe some Brembo calipers. I was looking at lightweight wheels, but I think this is a bit of a pipedream. I have got a 4 into 1 race exhaust waiting to be fitted in the garage , I just need to get a new bung welded on as the one on it at present is too small for the autotune O2  sensor I have for the Power Commander V. I am also thinking about replacing the rear shock with an aftermarket one, probably a Nitron shock.

Suzuki GSF1200N – I sought this bike out as I had a Bandit in the day and I wanted to relive those days. The Bandit hasn’t disapointed me. When I got it, it had already been mildly sorted, it had uprated fork springs and a Hagon rear shock and the best bit, a full race Akropovic exhaust system. I did try to upgrade the engine but after being sold two dud cylinder heads I sort of gave up with that idea. However I am looking into getting the existing cylinder head skimmed by about 1.5mm which will raise the compression ratio of the engine and thus making more power. Just not 100% sure if I am going to go this route yet.

Suzuki SV1000S Turbo – I have written much about this bike, I do keep waiving from selling it to keeping it forever. I think it is going to be staying in the garage for some time to come as I really want to get it running properly, just because I don’t like bikes to beat me!

Suzuki SV650S K1 – I swapped this bike for my Aprilia RSV. It was generally in good nick, but it did need a little work. I sorted out bits and bobs and this became my Trackbike. I have only used it on track once so far, at Cadwell. Unfortunately it rained and rained, it didn’t stop us going round the track. I think we were motoring, so much so that I eventually over cooked it going into the bottom of the mountain and went straight on over the grass and ended up running into the tyre wall at about 3mph!!! This bike is currently on Ebay, just waiting for a buyer.

Suzuki SV650S K5 – I bought this bike as I intended it to replace the K1 as my trackbike but I just didn’t get a good feeling for it so I will just be doing it up and selling it. The bike was in a very poor state for it’s age when it turned up. Nothing major was wrong but when it was delivered to me by its owner (he rode it)it had the following wrong with it:
Headbearings badly adjusted, they appear to be new just really badly adjusted (or not as the case may be)
Front Tyre – OK condition but a good 10psi to low
Rear Tyre – Totally and completly buggered and about 12psi to low. When I took this wheel in to get a new tyre on it the mechanic said that he hadn’t seen such a bad tyre for ages
Front Brakes – Only one piston seemed to be working and the sliding part of the brakes wasn’t.
Rear Brake – Very dirty and the pads were very rusty……………….. and one of the pads had become detached from the back plate.
All these problems have been sorted and the bike has scrubbed up quite well, as soon as I stick a Years MOT on it I will bung it on Ebay

Suzuki SV650S K3 – I originally owned this bike and sold it to R-Bert now I have bought it back off him. He has done some nice little mods and we have some plans for the paintwork and some other bits and bobs…… no turbo though!!!

The New Bike – I do not want to say too much bout this bike now as the deal hasn’t been fully sorted. But I will drop some subtle hints. The bike is a vee twin with a mid size engine, it is from around 1995 (ish) and is air cooled……… and is European.

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