Racing the cost of it all

I thought it would be fun (probably more worrying to be honest) to keep track of all the costs I run up in my quest to go racing……

It’ll all be fine as long as her indoors doesn’t see it or she will be going on about getting her 3 horses again. I was going to list costs for the bike and then costs for me (leathers, licences etc) and then a scary grand total. I will update this page as and when I shell out some cash! (I really don’t like parting with the old folding stuff!)

Bike Costs
Buying the 1986 FZ600 – £330
Fuel for van to fetch the bike – £75
Total – £405

My Costs
IXS Motegi 1 Piece Leathers – £299
Total – £299

Grand Total – £704 (Gulp!! and we haven’t even started!!)

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