Returning to riding
Returning to riding
Over the last three years we have hosted the National Road Rally in Lincoln, and enjoyed every minute of it. Now it's time to return to the ride, if you would to join us get in contact.
HJPBikes - feeding an obsession!
HJPBikes - feeding an obsession!
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Hosting a Control for the National Road Rally 2016


So there we were, me and R-Burt preparing for the next 17hours of hosting the Lincoln Control of the National Road Rally 2016, which it seems is Britain’s best kept biking secret, unfortunately. So how had we got here?

Well for the last three years we have really enjoyed taking part and last year we were slightly disappointed to see that the Lincoln Control was going to have to be classed as a Virtual Control as they hadn’t found anyone to host it.

Therefore in an attempt to give something back to this event, which we love, we offered to host the Lincoln Control for 2016. All I can …

National Road Rally 2016 – 2nd and 3rd July


The HJPBikes boys (Me and Heef) have both taken part in the National Road Rally for the past three years. Having won the Bronze, Silver and finally the Gold awards, we felt it was time to try something different and give back to the event that had given us such enjoyment (and the occasional frustration).

So after some venue searching, support seeking, form filling and head scratching were all set and the time is upon us. With great big thanks to Wrightways (where we take out bikes) and Lincoln Big (Gazebo lenders extraordinaire’s)  plus several others providing equipment and refreshments,…

Suzuki SV650S K1

So we are back with the great Trackday Bike debate. I am still regretting selling my ZX6 A1P….. and I have given up on the Aprilia RSV that I brought to replace it has fallen by the wayside so I need a new Trackday bike. I have been talking to R1-Burt and I think that my wants at the track have changed. Before I wanted to keep beating my laptimes and that was my sole goal, but I think my focus has changed and now I just want to have a good time.

R1-Burt has a very nice SV650N “Pointy” that he is going to be taking to the track so I thought that could match him and get myself a SV650 too. Just out of…