Have you heard about the word
Have you heard about the word
Over the last three years we have taken part in the National Road Rally, and enjoyed every minute of it. Now it's time to give something back so we will be operating the Lincoln checkpoint for 2016.
HJPBikes moves with the times
HJPBikes moves with the times
To ensure you continue to enjoy hjpbikes.co.uk we have moved to a new server. We can now bring you even more of the great blogs and articles you have come to expect from us.


Suzuki SV1000 Turbo – To Do List

I thought I would also add my (quite long) to do list for the Suzuki SV1000 Turbo. Starting at the front and working backwards here its the complete and possibly never finished list.

FrontĀ End

Check/Replace the front wheel bearings as appropriate Paint the bottom of the fork leg Clean Front Brakes and Check the pads/replace pads New front Brake Discs Clean/paint front brake calipers Replace front Mudguard Replace front fork fluid Check Spring Rate in Front Fork Clean up/Paint top yoke Replace Slightly Tacky GSXR labelled Bar End Weight Replace Shorty Brake and Clutch Lever Check Steering Head…

SV1000 Turbo Update

The bloody Turbo is still causing me some problems, but I’ll not be beaten, I’ll get it in the end (Or it’ll get me!!!) I am still fiddling with the Fuel Pressure Regulator trying to get a good setting that lets the bike run off boost and produces power on boost. Currently I have a setting that lets the bike run but the boost isn’t producing real power. I think it is running really rich, I will be having another fiddle this weekend if it is dry and not too cold!!!

Another fuelling problem I have with this bike is that the Fuel Injection fault light comes on and the bike goes into simplified…

Aprilia RSV update

The next part of the RSV refresh was the front end. I stripped all the front end down so ultimately I could change the fork oil. Not sure you are aware but the “weight” of fork oil is not a standard thing, there is no official standard so 10 weight from one company could be totally different from 10 weight from another company. Also as the oil warms up the weight changes, much like engine oil, but different manufactures oil can change weight at different rates. Due to this I have decided to stick to one make of fork oil for all my bikes, therefore I hopefully will know where I am if I have to change…