Hayabusa Update
Hayabusa Update
I’ve not posted about my Hayabusa for sometime and as it is my main go to bike I feel this is a little unfair!!
1996 Yamaha TRX850
1996 Yamaha TRX850
So I was working hard to reduce the amount of bikes in the garage…………….. and then I accidentally buy a TRX850.


TRX Update

Last night I had chance to have a couple of hours in the garage and moved project TRX a little bit more. I managed to drill out the bolts holding the right hand pillion footrests using my new drill bits. I have been managing for years with hand-me-down drill bits that my Dad gave me, these have been bizarre sizes (often imperial) and generally blunt as a very blunt thing, which generally means they cut a little dent in the item I am drilling then stop dead.

Trixie the TRX

In my excitement of a another bike entering Heef’s garage I have been ignoring some of the older inmates, therefore in order to stave off a full Social Services investigation into Bike Neglect I thought I better do some of the work on the list for the old girl. Currently the TRX is buried at the back of the garage and her position means every if I want to work on her all the other bikes need moving. I have started a mini project to spruce up the rear frame as it is a bit rusty here and there and it is letting the rest of the bike down.…

YZF Update

So I have been looking at the YZF a bit this weekend and summing up its faults to see what needs doing.

On Friday the list of faults were:

Misaligned Exup valve making the bike run rough Uses oil but to what degree I don’t know yet Fuel tank leaks from the fuel pump seal Right hand fork seal leaks Bottom fairing one of the mounting tabs has snapped off The bottom fairing has a large purple graphic on it No clamp on the exhaust so it wobbles (a lot) Did I mention the purple graphics?