Returning to riding
Returning to riding
Over the last three years we have hosted the National Road Rally in Lincoln, and enjoyed every minute of it. Now it's time to return to the ride, if you would to join us get in contact.
HJPBikes - feeding an obsession!
HJPBikes - feeding an obsession!
To ensure you continue to enjoy we have moved to a new server. We can now bring you even more of the great blogs and articles you have come to expect from us.


No.4 Yamaha RXS100

After a little gap in my biking history it came to the point where I needed some cheap transport and I couldn’t afford to run a car. I bought the RXS second hand from the local Yamaha dealer on finance.

A few days after getting it I was riding on Tritton Road in the rain and the driver in front jammed on her brakes, I followed suit and down I went. The bike was generally ok just the handlebars were bent and an indicator was broken.…

No.3 Suzuki A100

On my 18th Birthday my Dad asked me to get something from the garage for him, off I wandered, I saw what he wanted and reaching over all the crap in there I got it off the shelf and took it back. My Mum and Dad looked at me expectantly as I handed over the item, my Dad then said he wanted something else that was next to the first item so off I went. I came back with the next item.

At this point my Dad tells me to look in the garage under the sheet below the shelf I had just got the two items off. Off I went again, muttering under my breath, and found a little red Suzuki A100 sat there. My parents had bought it for my birthday…

No.2 Honda CD185

When I was around 14 my Cousin got a RV90 (A balloon wheeled dune bike from the 70’s, Robbie Williams used one in the “Angels” music video!) to muck around on a large area of waste ground near to his Dads work. I thought I was missing out on the fun and started to keep my eye out for a bike so I could join him.

I eventually spotted a CD185 twin for £25, it was a runner but had a bit of a bent frame! Even though it was so obviously not suitable for off road riding I bought it. I thrashed it mercilessly on this waste ground, it was faster than the RV which was good, but the CD’s road tyres and on-road suspension…