Hayabusa Update
Hayabusa Update
I’ve not posted about my Hayabusa for sometime and as it is my main go to bike I feel this is a little unfair!!
1996 Yamaha TRX850
1996 Yamaha TRX850
So I was working hard to reduce the amount of bikes in the garage…………….. and then I accidentally buy a TRX850.


No.22 Yamaha TDR250 (Again)

I had one TDR that I was slowly bringing back to life and, like buses,another popped up on Ebay and was only 5 miles away. Bizarrely the chap wouldn’t let anyone come and see it so it wasn’t getting a lot of bids, so I thought, bugger it I’ll put a lowish bid on it and give it a go. Amazingly, I won it and the chap delivered it for free.

When it was wheeled out the van it had standard wheels with motocross tyres on it and the loudest graphics on it this side of the 1980’s! The chap told me that he had recently removed a set of TZR wheels as he preferred to slide around on the knobbly motocross tyres. He offered me the TZR…

No.21 Yamaha TDR 250

I decided that I really wanted a TDR in my life as I had wanted one when they came out but could never afford one. I joined the TDR250 Forum //tdr250.co.uk/forum (a brilliant website recommended if you have or want a TDR) and heard about a TDR that was in need of a bit of TLC.

I contacted the bloke and arranged to see it. I set off through the snow to see the bike in the middle of Yorkshire. The bike was at a classic bike garage right in the sticks.…

No.20 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa Mark 2

After the front fork incident I lost a lot of cofidance in the bike so the old Busa had to go but what to replace it with? I was thinking about a ZZR1400 but they were meant to be a bit peaky and the handling was a bit ponderous so in the end I decided a MkII Busa was the answer.

I kept looking for deals but a new one was really outside my budget. I then saw an 09 plate 6 month old bike that had done 764 miles and was quite a bit cheaper than new. The dealer offered me a good deal over the phone, pending my bike being how I described it, so I set off to get it.…