Have you heard about the word
Have you heard about the word
Over the last three years we have taken part in the National Road Rally, and enjoyed every minute of it. Now it's time to give something back so we will be operating the Lincoln checkpoint for 2016.
HJPBikes moves with the times
HJPBikes moves with the times
To ensure you continue to enjoy hjpbikes.co.uk we have moved to a new server. We can now bring you even more of the great blogs and articles you have come to expect from us.




Ok avid reader (you know who you are!) Heef’s sad Blog will be taking a short break while I go to a secret testing facility to try the 2011 Kawasaki range, I was picked for my exciting riding style after I was spotted at a Cadwell track day! ……… Oh wasn’t I meant to mention that! Sorry.

Talking of track days if you look in Bike Magazine (November Edition) you will see a photo of me with one of my bikes. A prize to the first person to guess which one is me!! (Bladebert can’t enter as his photo is there too!) So I’ll speak to you all after my 2 week Holiday…….…

No.17 Kawasaki ZX-9R

I really didn’t know what bike I wanted so I went with my Voucher to a multi-franchise dealer. I looked at many different bikes and I decided that a ZX-9R would be the nearest what I wanted and the fact that they were heavily discounted also helped. I collared a salesman and told him I was interested. He went through all his spiel and kept saying I’ll throw in this and that, I think I got a free alarm and a service. When I said ok I’ll have it, I hadn’t tried to haggle as I thought they may be funny with a voucher and say it had to be full price or something, he asked how I wanted to pay. As the voucher was for…

No.16 Buell X-1 Lightning

After the divorce I managed to get a house and my finances sorted and I realised I could afford a new(er) bike. I thought I would start looking round and get one as a present to myself. While searching for a suitable bike I ended up at a Buell dealer. I got a test ride on a X-1 and set off into Nottinghamshire.

Their policy towards test rides is very good with the take a couple of hours by yourself attitude. I was quite enjoying myself and getting on well with the bike. I was just passing junction 25 of the M1 and I thought I would see what the bike was like on a Motorway. Just as I was accelerating down the Northbound…