Have you heard about the word
Have you heard about the word
Over the last three years we have taken part in the National Road Rally, and enjoyed every minute of it. Now it's time to give something back so we will be operating the Lincoln checkpoint for 2016.
HJPBikes moves with the times
HJPBikes moves with the times
To ensure you continue to enjoy hjpbikes.co.uk we have moved to a new server. We can now bring you even more of the great blogs and articles you have come to expect from us.


New Additions – Buell 1125CR

So it all started with going with R-bert to fetch some one piece leathers from a chap in Scunthorpe (Hello Simon) While there we got talking and Simon showed us all his bikes and other stuff and apart from his GSXR Turbo he had a Buell 1125CR. We were talking and I liked the look of the bike and he was very enthusiastic about it so I started thinking about a 1125CR.

I used to have a Buell X1 back in the day but while I really enjoyed it, it broke down about 6 times in the two months I owned it (I then handed it back in disgust) so have always wanted to try a Buell again. I have been watching Buell’s that come up …

Seven Bikes – How does that happen?

So there is currently 6 bikes in the garage and it seems like it is very likely that one more is going to be joining them, so how does someone end up with seven bikes? So here is a list of the bikes in the garage and about to enter the garage.

Suzuki GSX1300R Haybusa – This is my go to bike, it can do everything that I want. It can hustle, cruise, tour and nip to the shops. This is the bike I first got my Knee down on. I can’t see me changing this bike for sometime, in fact I am looking at doing some tasteful upgrades. I am thinking about improving the front brakes, I just really don’t lie the feel.…

Current Garage Update

I thought I would give an update on what is in the garage and what I am doing with them.


I am thinking that I will update the Hayabusa and make it a better bike for me personally. So I am thinking, and as R-burt will tell you my thoughts change quicker than a very quick thing, about the following:

Tyres: I have put new tyres on the Busa. Previously I had a Bridgestone S20 on the front and a Bridgestone T30 on the rear, so that was a Fast Road Tyre on the front and a touring tyre on the rear, lots of front end grip and better wear at the rear. However after over 6000miles they need replacing, the front is very…