Hayabusa Update
Hayabusa Update
I’ve not posted about my Hayabusa for sometime and as it is my main go to bike I feel this is a little unfair!!
1996 Yamaha TRX850
1996 Yamaha TRX850
So I was working hard to reduce the amount of bikes in the garage…………….. and then I accidentally buy a TRX850.


The New Big Plan

So while working in the garage I had this big idea, I mean this one was huge. I had been looking round for the next bike to be introduced into the garage and I realised that I had all the relevant biking styles (that I am interested in ) covered. In the tourer corner is the Hayabusa (and for high speed hi-jinks) in the naked corner is the Bandit (and for high speed hi-jinks) and in the track day corner is the Aprilia RSV. While some other bikes would do each of these roles it would really mean getting rid of a current bike in the garage and to be honest I was pretty much happy with all of them (at the moment, this may…

Happy to Announce the Arrival of Twin Twins

In the motorbike sense only of course, in that there are two of them and they are both V-Twins. The intention was for me to buy two SV650’s which I did but Bladebert liked one of them so much he bought it off me in a complicated deal involving a XJ600F.  I mentioned the other day I would like a gallery like Bladebert’s done for his, close ups etc of the entire bike and he kindly took some photos and posted them here.

 The Way Forward

This is a list of the work that I think needs doing

Fit new left hand mirror, New aftermarket pair fitted, cheaper than second hand! Fit new screen, brand new replica,…

SV650 The Road to Reinvention

With many years biking experience on a variety of bikes ridden in all conditions – weather, physical, emotional – on road and occasionally track I realised I am looking for something new.

My current main bike is a CBR929 Fireblade (John McGuiness review). A very nice bike but too pretty, too powerful, and too expensive to repair if I used it in anger and it went down the track (as happened with my previous Blade). It is an amazing bike that still make me feel good and smile whenever I take her out :).

This is great but gets me no closer to the something new. This is where HJP comes in. Having …