No.19 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa Mark 1

While in my local Triumph and Yamaha Dealer I noticed a Black Stealth Hayabusa for sale. I asked the salesman I knew what was a less than 6 month old Suzuki doing in a Triumph and Yamaha dealer. He said that the chap had brought it and only done under 1000 miles and then part exchanged it for a Kawasaki Vulcan (Why they had a Kawasaki in the Triumph and Yamaha dealer is another question) The thought of this Hayabusa sat at the back of my mind for a while.

I was then asked to go to a wedding in Austria, some of my friends were going to fly out for a week and some for only the weekend. I had just started seeing a girl called Jackie and she was going to Austria too and had already booked her flight before we met. I hatched this plan to go on my bike as it would be a great adventure and I would get a go on the Autobahns. This lead my thoughts to it would better on a bigger bike with a fairing that was black and for sale in Lincoln… Ok I bought the Hayabusa so I could go on the Autobahn!

I picked the bike up on the Thursday and I headed to Felixstowe on Saturday. I had no problems on the way there apart from I was on the Autobahn and it started raining really hard. I turned off into a service area to put my waterproofs on but I was still doing about 90 as I had got so used to doing well over a ton. In the service areas slip road there was a huge puddle that I couldn’t miss and I hit it square on. Water went everywhere, it was coming up through the fairing and I couldn’t see a thing. I managed to slow down and stop, I hid under a tree for a while to dry out a bit then put on my water proofs and set off again. I also chased a Mercedes, which are meant to be restricted to 155mph, but my clocks were saying 175mph so even if they were a little keen that is quite an error!

I got to the Hotel in Austria at about 16:00 hours. The Hotel was great and we had some nice day trips out on the bike as my Girlfriend had brought her helmet with her. We had several Continental holidays on the Busa and after I had done the Buell footpeg modification it was quite comfy for me. The Buell footpeg modification is where you replace the stock footpegs with Buell Lighting footpegs that lower the rest position by about an inch, amazingly this makes an awful amount of difference and allows me to get my long legs comfy. I also had the seats re-upholstered and some memory foam put in. This has extended the distance that can be ridden in one hit before the dreaded arse death sets in. I raised the handlebars initially with some tubular spacers and later with a milled aluminum spacer that I got cheap from (A recommnded website).

While in Cornwall on Holiday I parked up on the carriageway in Newquay and put my disk lock on. When I got back to the bike it had been moved and the disc lock had marked the right hand disc. When I started to ride I realised that the disc was making a very funny noise, in the end I had to replace the disc. A while after I had replaced the disc I managed to get hold of some Braking wavy discs very cheap, they were a little blued as they had been used quite heavily but after they had been on a while the blue-ness had started to go. I enjoyed hustling the Busa around and generally wore the tyres to the edge, I was quite proud that there was no chicken strips on my rear tyre, though surprisingly even with my weight on it I never had any problem with ground clearance.

I have also taken this bike on a guided tour of Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. While I was coming down a particularly  steep mountain both fork seals let go and dumped all the fork oil on the brakes. That made coming down that mountain a little exciting. I had to have the front end rebuilt in Austria before I could ride home. After the fork seal incident I lost some faith in the bike and part exchanged it.

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