No.17 Kawasaki ZX-9R

I really didn’t know what bike I wanted so I went with my Voucher to a multi-franchise dealer. I looked at many different bikes and I decided that a ZX-9R would be the nearest what I wanted and the fact that they were heavily discounted also helped. I collared a salesman and told him I was interested. He went through all his spiel and kept saying I’ll throw in this and that, I think I got a free alarm and a service. When I said ok I’ll have it, I hadn’t tried to haggle as I thought they may be funny with a voucher and say it had to be full price or something, he asked how I wanted to pay. As the voucher was for around £250 more than the bike I said “No you’ll be paying me, can I have cash?” It was worth it to see his face fall. To be fair they honoured the agreement and gave me the difference.


After I had had the bike for a couple of weeks I noticed that the number plate was wrong. I rang up and they said “Oh yeah that happens we’ll post you out a new one” I just hoped whoever got mine didn’t speed past any cameras or rob any banks. I never really gelled with this bike either. I did take it to Cadwell but can’t remember anything about the day, I only kept this bike about 18 months and part exchanged it. However the amount I part exchanged it for was pretty much how much I paid for it so I didn’t lose much if anything on the deal!

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