No. 18 Triumph Speed Triple 955i

After getting a cracking part exchange offer I brought a brand new Triumph Triple, this was the new model for 2002, which had the better styling on the seat unit, and a bit more power. This bike was brilliant and I loved its pull and handling. Unfortunately I did bin this bike. I had arranged to meet a girl biker that was a bit of a blind date. She had a 600 Monster which she kept outside, the bike was only 2 years old but it was an absolute wreak.

The date went ok but I never did see her again. However I set off home but there was a large roundabout a few hundred yards from where I had parked. It was the 16th November and it was quite cold. As I left the roundabout I gave it a big handful on cold tyres and the bike low sided me. There I was laying in the Northbound lane of the A46. I quickly got up and picked the bike up. I was fine and the damage on the bike was minimal the left hand crankcase was scuffed and was seeping a little oil.

The usual bar ends and levers and the passenger footrest had snapped off. I rode it hope and set about repairing the damage. I managed to get it all sorted apart from some marks on the swingarm and the lock stops were damaged. I eventually part exchanged this bike to the dealer I brought it from I never mentioned that I had dropped it but I thought it was fairly obvious, I had also brought bits and bobs off them such as the crank cover. A few weeks after I had part exchanged this bike one of the salesmen mentioned that it had been down the road and they hadn’t noticed.

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