Hosting a Control for the National Road Rally 2016


So there we were, me and R-Burt preparing for the next 17hours of hosting the Lincoln Control of the National Road Rally 2016, which it seems is Britain’s best kept biking secret, unfortunately. So how had we got here?

IMG_0721Well for the last three years we have really enjoyed taking part and last year we were slightly disappointed to see that the Lincoln Control was going to have to be classed as a Virtual Control as they hadn’t found anyone to host it.

Therefore in an attempt to give something back to this event, which we love, we offered to host the Lincoln Control for 2016. All I can say is that that hours are brutal, it was from around 11:00hours Saturday Morning to 04:30hours Sunday morning.

The weather this year was disappointing with gusty wind at the start followed by rain showers and lightning………. oh dear. So here are some of the hi-lights of the Rally as we saw it.

  • Chap starting from Lincoln Control on his GSXR1000, one of only four sports bikes we saw all day
  • Another guy starting from Lincoln on his CB500 who was 80 years old
  • Chap turning up on his Vincent
  • A pair riding a Laverda Jota and Mirage
  • As usual there were lots of BMW GS’s
  • Also loads of Triumph Tigers
  • Surprising amount of Yamaha Tracers, all in the same colour
  • One bloke on a Triumph Tiger told us that it was a loan bike, it had 47miles on the clock when he picked it up, that they had put panniers on especially for him as he told them he was doing the Rally
  • A chap telling us that he had come down from Edinburgh stayed over night in Halifax on the Friday and was doing the Rally and then on Sunday morning he was riding back to Edinburgh!!!
  • One chap on a Aprilia Tuono whose headlight bulb blew about 2miles from our Control point while he was riding along in the night, a bit of a brown trouser moment, luckily I had a bulb kicking around at home so nipped off to get it so he could get going again.
  • Someone else with a HID lighting system on his GSXR which blew, unfortunately while I thought I also had a spare HID bulb for this he didn’t have any tools so he had to wind the headlight totally down so he could ride with his main on without dazzling people
  • A team that handed out lollies to all the Control staff, thanks guys
  • A group of original Triumph riders, the one girl with them was having running problems, one of the chaps with her eventually got it kick started. As she rode out she told me that she was getting an electric start for Christmas!!!
  • Another lady who was riding a 1700cc Triumph Thunderbird

There was many other things that happened, and I would really recommend you having a go at the Rally and maybe even hosting a Control.

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