Current Garage Update

I thought I would give an update on what is in the garage and what I am doing with them.


I am thinking that I will update the Hayabusa and make it a better bike for me personally. So I am thinking, and as R-burt will tell you my thoughts change quicker than a very quick thing, about the following:

  • Tyres: I have put new tyres on the Busa. Previously I had a Bridgestone S20 on the front and a Bridgestone T30 on the rear, so that was a Fast Road Tyre on the front and a touring tyre on the rear, lots of front end grip and better wear at the rear. However after over 6000miles they need replacing, the front is very worn on the left shoulder and the rear was worn in the centre. I have replaced them with a pair of T30 Evo tyres, hopefully the front will have the grip that I want.
  • Rear Shock: I am thinking about going for an after market shock, something like a Nitron which will have the correct spring for my weight.
  • Front Forks: I am going to be rebuilding these with fresh oil and the right weight spring for my size
  • Wheels: I am thinking about getting some lighter weight wheels, I was thinking about trying to fit some other make of wheel, such as R1 wheels. However I think I want to go for some after market wheels such as Galespeed wheels.
  • Radial Brake Master Cylinder: I still can’t get the brake lever feel that I want, so as I have radial brakes I thought I would upgrade the master cylinder to a Radial one, probably a Brembo or Braking one
  • Radial Clutch Master Cylinder: Not really necessary but it would be nice to match the brake master cylinder
  • Performance Exhaust: I have a 4 into 1 Yoshimura exhaust sat in the garage awaiting fitting, when I fit this I will be able to connect the self tuner part of the Power Commander V that I already have fitted.
  • A Good Service: The Busa really deserves a good service, valves done, oil and filter change, new plugs and balance the throttle bodies, this is all scheduled………. just need to get round to it.


The Bandit hasn’t really turned a wheel in about a year…….. I know I have been evil to it. I was going to do wonders on this engine but I have been let down several times trying to get the high compression head for the engine so I have decided to put it back to stock.

Now I can’t get the bloody thing running as a stock bike, more work is required. Have I mentioned I hate bloody carbs!!!! I think once the Bandit is running it might be leaving the garage, permanently, though it might get a reprieve if I start to enjoy the rides on it.

SV1000 Turbo

This is another bike that needs some TLC. I think I need to sort out the fuelling once and for all. However unless the bike becomes a lot more exciting I think it’s days are numbered!!!!

SV650S K1

This one doesn’t need any work but it is on it’s way out as it has been supplanted by the SV650S K5. I will be nicking the tyres off this one for the K5 and the good brake pads. I have a part worn set of BT-21’s that came on the bike originally to go back on it.

SV650S K5

This is going to be my new track bike. I will be putting the BT16’s from the K1 onto this bike and the Bendix brake pads. The suspension will need some work but I think I will be happy with this bike as my trackbike. I does need a good service though!!

  • Front Forks: The standard forks on a SV are damper rod and to be honest are good enough for racers (with a little work) though the racers are forced to use them as the regs don’t allow them to change them for Mini-Twins racing. I have done a mod before making a Hybrid CBR600F3 fork, they are currently on R-burts race/hooning bike, this adds the cartridge from the Honda to allow rebound adjustment. I have the internals from a CBR600F3 in the garage ready to go, but one of the stanchions I have is bent so I would need a new one to complete this
  • Rear Shock: The rear shock on the SV is very basic and wears out quickly. There are several options to upgrade from new aftermarket shocks to using a better spec’ed one from a different bike. If you pick the right shock it might have the right weight spring to suit you. I’m still thinking about how to move forward this one forward
  • Engine: As I mentioned before, this only really needs a service. There is a little engine noise but I have asked my local mechanic and he feels it is nothing to worry about. So I will be doing all the usual, oil and filter change, valve check and throttle balance. If needs be I’ll take the cam-chain tensioner off and clean it to make sure it isn’t this which is causing the noise.
  • Tyres: Currently the bike has Michelin Pilot Road tyres, the front is ok but the back is buggered. I have the BT016’s that are on the other SV650, they have only done one track day and about 100miles so are still fit so they are going on this one.
  • Exhaust: This SV must be the only SV650 on the planet with the standard exhaust still fitted. I would like to fit a race exhaust, it’ll sound a bit better and make a little more power, which’ll be nice. I have several exhausts kicking round the garage so I just need a link pipe.

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