Two things that made a difficult job easy

I thought I would write this short article to remind people of two very useful tools that they need in their garage. Good news neither have to be expensive and you will be surprised how often you will use them. This all started when I took a replacement footrest hanger for the TRX850 apart. It was generally in good condition but the bolts, nuts and screws all looked like they had not been removed since the bike had been built, 35 years ago, and the position of the footrest hanger gets covered in crap

Impact WrenchI have a very old pneumatic impact wrench that my dad gave me and while it is a pain to power up the…

The State of Some Bikes!!!

Me and R-bert have bought several bikes in the last couple of years and some of them have been in woeful condition, even though they had, in some cases, a current MOT.

I thought I would write about the worse cases to give you a heads up so that you can keep an eye out for this sort of thing when you are buying your next bike!

Flick through the below horror stories and see how many you’ve come across yourself. The sad thing is that with a little bit of TLC even rough bikes can be made to work well again, it’s not just about the money!

Yamaha R1

This bike only had some mild problems, the bike was pretty …

Current Garage Update

I thought I would give an update on what is in the garage and what I am doing with them.


I am thinking that I will update the Hayabusa and make it a better bike for me personally. So I am thinking, and as R-burt will tell you my thoughts change quicker than a very quick thing, about the following:

Tyres: I have put new tyres on the Busa. Previously I had a Bridgestone S20 on the front and a Bridgestone T30 on the rear, so that was a Fast Road Tyre on the front and a touring tyre on the rear, lots of front end grip and better wear at the rear. However after over 6000miles they need replacing, the front is very…