National Road Rally 2016


The HJPBikes boys (R-Bert and Heef) have both taken part in the National Road Rally for the past three years. Having completed and received the Bronze, Silver and finally last year, the Gold awards we felt it was time to try something different and give back to the event that had given us such enjoyment (and the occasional frustration).

So the other week Heef contacted the organisers and asked whether they would like us to host the Lincoln checkpoint. We had a few ideas of locations and how we would man it over the day and night required. They said yes, with an additional please and thank you.


National Rally 2014

Bladebert (now R-Bert) and I agreed that we would do the National Rally again this year as we had such a great time last year, to be honest I was thinking we must do this again on the way back from the last checkpoint in 2013.

We both sent off our entry forms, mine was in a little before Bladberts so I was number 36 while Bladbert was 136, there were around 515 entrants in total in the end. We didn’t get much chance to set a route, and after flirting with starting at the Ace Cafe in London we both agreed that a start point near Lincoln was the way to go.

We then fleshed out a route that first headed West then curled…