SV1000 Turbo Update

The bloody Turbo is still causing me some problems, but I’ll not be beaten, I’ll get it in the end (Or it’ll get me!!!) I am still fiddling with the Fuel Pressure Regulator trying to get a good setting that lets the bike run off boost and produces power on boost. Currently I have a setting that lets the bike run but the boost isn’t producing real power. I think it is running really rich, I will be having another fiddle this weekend if it is dry and not too cold!!!

Another fuelling problem I have with this bike is that the Fuel Injection fault light comes on and the bike goes into simplified…

Goodbye FZ600 it’s been wierd

So it’s gone…………. what you may ask, well it’s the FZ600. I have decided, well for now, to not bother with my racing career. There are several reasons as follows:

Lack of money

Totting up how much it was going to cost to get the FZ ready for the track it was getting upto £500. For example it would need:

Pair of tyres:         £150

Forks Sorting:       £50

Exhaust:                £100

Fairing:                 £70

Shock:                   £50

Battery:                £25

Total:                    £445

And this is just for what I knew it actually needed, I am sure that there are loads of bits and…

FZ600 fun and frolics

Well I promised my one reader an update on the FZ600. I managed to get an airbox for the beastie with carb rubbers from the States but I probably paid over the odds for it and it seems that one of the rubbers was probably not right, but quite close. Then I saw on Ebay another airbox in the UK with a igniter unit that I managed to get for £5. When the UK airbox turned up all the rubbers were there and correct, but very hard however the airbox had a large hole in it that had been covered over with tape! I decided to keep it but let the seller know that I was not very happy. Anyway I fiddled around with hot water and a hairdryer…