Seven Bikes – How does that happen?

So there is currently 6 bikes in the garage and it seems like it is very likely that one more is going to be joining them, so how does someone end up with seven bikes? So here is a list of the bikes in the garage and about to enter the garage.

Suzuki GSX1300R Haybusa – This is my go to bike, it can do everything that I want. It can hustle, cruise, tour and nip to the shops. This is the bike I first got my Knee down on. I can’t see me changing this bike for sometime, in fact I am looking at doing some tasteful upgrades. I am thinking about improving the front brakes, I just really don’t lie the feel.…

Suzuki SV650S K5

So I was looking through Facebook and on one of the Groups I am subscribed to I see a K5 SV650 for sale at a very cheap price. No photos and it says the forks are leaking, the head bearings are shot and the rear tyre is knackered. I get in touch and sort out a deal for a cracking price for the bike in the condition that he described.

As part of the deal he delivered it and when it turned up (he rode it here) I was pleasantly surprised to see that the forks were in fact fine. Here is a list of the points that need looking at or is a problem and my solution:

Rear tyre knackered: Yep it is virtually bald in the centre, also…

Suzuki SV1000 Turbo – To Do List

I thought I would also add my (quite long) to do list for the Suzuki SV1000 Turbo. Starting at the front and working backwards here its the complete and possibly never finished list.

Front End

Check/Replace the front wheel bearings as appropriate Paint the bottom of the fork leg Clean Front Brakes and Check the pads/replace pads New front Brake Discs Clean/paint front brake calipers Replace front Mudguard Replace front fork fluid Check Spring Rate in Front Fork Clean up/Paint top yoke Replace Slightly Tacky GSXR labelled Bar End Weight Replace Shorty Brake and Clutch Lever Check Steering Head…