Buell 1125CR

So I have had my Buell 1125CR a little while and I am very happy with it, but it is a little different from when it rolled out the Buell factory so I thought I would describe some of the things that make it a little special. Starting from the back and moving forward.

Tail Piece – The standard plastic tail piece has been removed and replaced with a much more simple number plate holder.

Rear Indicators – The standard rear indicators have been replaced with some very simple incandescent indicators, they had to be incandescent to to make them to flash at the correct rate. Buell does not do anything…

New Member of the Garage – Triumph Speed Four

After the ten minutes with the Gen 1 SV650S as my track bike I was struggling to ┬áthink of something to replace it. I was looking for a naked middle weight bike with a little more power than a SV650 and adjustable suspension (if possible) Difficult question isn’t it? Well I sort of reduced it down to a list of one, the Triumph Speed Four. The speed four is basically a TT600 without the fairing, bug eyes and a re-tuned engine. I kept an eye out for one for several months and even halfheartedly bid on one or two. I sort of gave up on the idea for a while and I noticed one on Gumtree just round the corner from…

New Additions – Buell 1125CR

So it all started with going with R-bert to fetch some one piece leathers from a chap in Scunthorpe (Hello Simon) While there we got talking and Simon showed us all his bikes and other stuff and apart from his GSXR Turbo he had a Buell 1125CR. We were talking and I liked the look of the bike and he was very enthusiastic about it so I started thinking about a 1125CR.

I used to have a Buell X1 back in the day but while I really enjoyed it, it broke down about 6 times in the two months I owned it (I then handed it back in disgust) so have always wanted to try a Buell again. I have been watching Buell’s that come up …