Yamaha YSR50

So, basically I always wanted a Gag bike…… What is a Gag bike I hear you ask. Gag bikes are small capacity 3/4 size bikes built generally for the Japanese domestic market. As you regular readers will recall I am 6’6″ tall so I look an absolute idiot on one….. ho hum!!!

So I was looking out for a bike and I found one that was a decent price and wasn’t a complete wreck, but it was in Dundee (6 hours plus away from the HJP Garage) So enter stage left the bike courier.






The bike Courier did a cracking job and delivered the bike which was accepted…

Suzuki SV1000N K3

So the Bandit had been sold, for a good price too, the chap didn’t even haggle!!! Now I was looking around for a project and the SV1000N popped up on a general sales page on Facebook. The price was good and it was generally all there so I went for it. The bike came with a set of panniers and a top box. As soon as I got the bike home I went through it and looked at all the things that I wanted to change. First thing to get removed was the pannier and top box rack. This made the bike look better straight away. Next thing to get remoeved was the dodgy alarm, it just wasn’t working right, so off it came. Then …

Triumph Speed Four – Previous Owner was a Muppet

I have been working on the Speed Four getting it ready for the track……… if that is going to happen (watch this space) and I have found several issues that needed addressing. To be honest I haven’t seen such a long list of dodgy stuff on a visually OK bike before. The list is as follows: • Tyres well under inflated when I picked the bike up – I must remember to start taking a tyre pressure gauge with me when I pick up bikes.

• Front Axle Clamp Bolts only finger tight – Only there to stop the axle moving, which is unlikely but they are there for a reason

• One brake caliper bolt was not like the others (Triumph brake …