Oops Bike Number 5 Joins the Stable

There I was happily trolling through the huge list of bikes on Ebay and I had a little bit of a brain wave. I thought I would restrict my search to bikes, upto 50 miles away, under £2100 and over 500cc. This brought up a much shorter list of bikes and through all the murk and dross one seemed to leap out at me and tell me to bid on it. This was odd because it is usually my Rice Crispys that tell me to do things!

It was an 2001 Kawasaki ZX6 A1P in bright red. The A1P was the first of the 636cc ZX6 models and generally has been hailed as a really good real world bike. The next model the 2003 to 2005 B1H ZX6 had radial brakes …

Yamaha YZF750 Update

I decided that I would give the YZF a run out in the day so on Sunday it was wheeled out for a quick blast out to Willingham Woods with Bladebert. It generally seemed to run ok except it would not accept a handful of throttle every time, if you chased the revs like when using flatslides it was fine and occasionally coughed a spluttered a little bit.

About a quarter of a mile away from Willingham Woods the bike lost power and wouldn’t rev past 4000rpm. I managed to limp into the car park and with a huge back fire the engine stopped! After a hearty hot chocolate to fortify my system, we had a look at the bike. I was …

No.25 Yamaha YZF750R

After my trackday frustration I was thinking about a bike with a bit more umph than the TRX. I was looking round and thought that a YZF750R may fit the bill. I started looking out for a suitable bike. After a couple of half hearted bids on Evil-Bay I thought that I would not bother and manage with my TRX. I then saw an advert on Evil-Bay for an L-Reg YZF with all the good mods done and most imporatnatly it doesn’t burn all oil!!

I bunged a bid on it but didn’t think anything would come out of it. Imagine my surprise when I won!, I think it was because the auction finished on Bank Holiday Sunday and everybody was out…