Yamaha YZF750 Update

I decided that I would give the YZF a run out in the day so on Sunday it was wheeled out for a quick blast out to Willingham Woods with Bladebert. It generally seemed to run ok except it would not accept a handful of throttle every time, if you chased the revs like when using flatslides it was fine and occasionally coughed a spluttered a little bit.

About a quarter of a mile away from Willingham Woods the bike lost power and wouldn’t rev past 4000rpm. I managed to limp into the car park and with a huge back fire the engine stopped! After a hearty hot chocolate to fortify my system, we had a look at the bike. I was…

No.25 Yamaha YZF750R

After my trackday frustration I was thinking about a bike with a bit more umph than the TRX. I was looking round and thought that a YZF750R may fit the bill. I started looking out for a suitable bike. After a couple of half hearted bids on Evil-Bay I thought that I would not bother and manage with my TRX. I then saw an advert on Evil-Bay for an L-Reg YZF with all the good mods done and most imporatnatly it doesn’t burn all oil!!

I bunged a bid on it but didn’t think anything would come out of it. Imagine my surprise when I won!, I think it was because the auction finished on Bank Holiday Sunday and everybody …

No.24 Yamaha TRX850

After doing the Two Stroke track day I decided that I wanted to go again. Bladebert mentioned that Bike magazine was running a Novice friendly track day at Cadwell and he wanted to go. This seemed like a good idea so I signed up to go on the TDR.

After thinking about it for a while I decided that the TDR isn’t the best bike on a normal track day as it’s effective top speed with me on it is about 100 to 110 mph. I therefore decided I wanted a quirky 4 stroke that I could take on track days and thrash on the Highway as I was not taking the Busa on track again! I wanted a bike I could red line in every gear and I wouldn’t…