Buell 1125CR

So I have had my Buell 1125CR a little while and I am very happy with it, but it is a little different from when it rolled out the Buell factory so I thought I would describe some of the things that make it a little special. Starting from the back and moving forward.

Tail Piece – The standard plastic tail piece has been removed and replaced with a much more simple number plate holder.

Rear Indicators – The standard rear indicators have been replaced with some very simple incandescent indicators, they had to be incandescent to to make them to flash at the correct rate. Buell does not do anything easy and the indicators flash rate is set by the dashboard on 1125CR’s not a relay like every other sane bike in the word so it is not easy to change the flash rate.

Rear Brake Disc – This has been replaced with a Braking rear disc, it does look better but it does mean that the rear wheel needs to be removed before the rear caliper can be removed.

Exhaust System – The exhaust is a very light Torque Hammer 2 system with a special ECU. The system sounds like rolling thunder……….. or like God is really, really angry!!!!!

Handlebars – The standard handlebars on a 2009 1125CR are a bit like Acebars and mimic clip-ons, I have changed them to the high bars, which was an option in 2009, but standard on the CR from 2010.

Indicator switch – The standard indicator switch on the Buell is frankly laughable! I wouldn’t put that indicator switch on a scooter!! Anyway, I took the bull by the horns and replaced the switch with one off a lowly Suzuki SV650. This has improved the riding experience more than you would actually believe.

Front Indicators – The front indicators on a Buell 1125CR are built into the rear view mirrors, but when I got the bike it had aftermarket mirrors, which also had indicators built in but they weren’t the best quality so I started looking into a project to remove them. I eventually came up with the solution of separating the indicators from the mirrors. This meant that I could just get some nice standard mirrors, however I now had to think where to put the indicators. The solution that I came up with was to get some hand guards with built in indicators, if it is good enough for the 2017 Ducati Multistrada it’s good enough for me.


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