No.27 Yamaha FZ600

I got the FZ back home, this is a story in itself as it involved borrowing a van that had been converted to carry a wheelchair and it was a little rough, though I’m not complaining as it was free!!!

The bike is an American model that was sold originally in California in 1986. In 1998 it was imported in to the UK but was never registered here, then the chap who imported it sold it on to he chap I bought it from and it still hadn’t turned a wheel on UK roads.

Anyway I have got the bike and I have had chance to assess it.

My notes are as follows:

Missing from the bike

  • Fairing lowers
  • Airbox
  • Battery
  • The Spark of Life

On the bike but wrong

  • Rear light, it seems to be some sort of generic rear light (and looks a little nasty)
  • FrontTyre(it’s bigger than the correct size rear!!)
  • RearTyre, wrong size (too big), a weird make (I have never heard of it) and it has perished
  • Individual pod air filters (replacing the original airbox)

Problems that need sorting

  • Rear brake has seized on
  • Bike won’t start (there I no indication that the bike actually knows the battery has been connected except the rear light comes on)
  • There is a little bit of damage on the crankcase, lucky for me it is still oil tight but I will have to do something to tidy it all up, I think it may be a chemical metal job.

Coolest Thing on the Bike

  • The original Californian Number Plate (Licence Plate in the States)

So watch this space to see if I can ever get this beast working, or will I end up selling it on, or breaking it and selling it in bits!!

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