Bike Magazine Track Day, Cadwell Park – 17th May 2013

So it was time for the first track day of the year. I was lucky enough to get on the Cadwell Reclaim Our Tracks day, this day is for road bikes only, and obviously no slicks or tyre warmers. As I had no friends…………. Sorry I had no friends coming to the day I decided to take the ZX6 on the trailer so that I had somewhere to put my stuff and somewhere to sit between sessions. I felt a bit of a cheat but it seemed very sensible to me. I got the bike all ready the night before and up on the trailer so that I could just hitch up and go in the morning. Due to my usual crapness I got to the track very late. I got the bike off the trailer and noise tested then it was time for the mandatory briefing. Straight after the briefing the Inters/Advance were out so I had to rush to get my kit on. Surprisingly  there is not much room for a 6’6” chap to get changed in the back of my car, I’m sure the chap next to me in the paddock got a view that he really didn’t want!!!!

First Session

The first session was three laps behind the instructor and then back to the holding area then out for the last of the session. The weather was overcast and cold. Nobody came past me in the 3 to 4 free laps but it was cold and my hands hurt.

Second Session

The weather had improved and it was a little warmer for the second session. The session didn’t last long as someone on a GSXR1000 binned it big time on at Coppice. It looked like he lost it on the brakes and had gone straight on. The bike didn’t look too bad lying on its side and the rider was up and looked fine. Once the session started again I was going alright and overtook several bikes, only one came past it was a new ZX636 “13” plate. When I got back to the paddock I got a chance to see the GSXR again, one side looked fine, if a little out of line but the other side all the plastics were missing!

Third Session

This session went well passed loads of bikes and had a nice dice with a Speed Triple, he had so much umph out of the corners but I did have the top end on him. The session was red flagged but as it was only 1 minute from the end they called the whole session. The red flag was for a GSXR750 SRAD which went down somewhere in Hall Bends I think. As the session was reg flagged I went back to the holding area as usual. When I got there it was nearly full. I was chatting to the chap next to me as I realised I that I didn’t recognise him. The chap looking after the holding area started sending us out, I asked him about which group this was and he said that it was the green Novice group. I told him I was from the Inters and he realised that we had all got mixed up. It seems that the reg flag went out only 30 secs from the end of the session so they ended it completely.

Fourth Session

In this session I was playing with a black R1. He would get away from me and then I would real him back in. I made a few stupid mistakes and his lead would stretch but I would get him back. Never managed to overtake hum though! Nobody came past me throughout this session. I really enjoyed my time out on the track.


As the Inters had started first we finished first before lunch, this mean that I could go and watch the other groups out on the track. There were some bikes out there going very slowly. I watched one rider who was riding around with an instructor, she was going so slow, I doubt she was cracking 60mph on the start/finish straight. The Instructor looked so bored, bless him.

Fifth Session

The first session after lunch I went quite well but forgot to set my timer!!!! I set off in the 2nd main group and we were well back from the first group. I quickly made it to the front of the second group and started to chase down the front group. When I caught them up I started to overtake everything I got to. After a while I was at the front of the first group. No one came past me the whole session except one instructor riding by himself.

Sixth Session

In this session I started fourth from the back. No one overtook me this session except a BMW S1000RR which got me towards the end of the session. During the session I had come across a big bunch of riders and I had to be very ruthless to get past them, nothing dangerous, but maybe a tad rude!! I did manage to overtake a different BMW S1000RR in this session so that made me feel a little better.

Seventh Session

I decided to call it a day and not go out the final session, I was getting tired and I didn’t want to chance binning it. I was to take ‘er in doors onHolidaythe next week and if I was to brake a wrist or a collarbone she would of finished the job and killed me!!! I had a really good day and the trailer really helped as it allowed me to have somewhere to sit and rest in between sessions.

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